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New & Used Pallet Racking in Bristol

Pallet Racking Bristol

Mr Pallet Racking takes pride in his work and in his stock. All stock components are dry stored in his 2 acre site in the heart of Birmingham,  England. Our fully trained racking engineers assess all of our racking before stripping it apart, steam cleaning it and replacing the bolts, bracing and base-plates as necessary, prior to re-assembling and having it certified for collection/delivery.

With our extensive network of haulage and freight contractors, we are able to ship/deliver single items or full container loads to every part of the UK and Europe at very cost effective rates.

Mr Pallet Racking recognises the need to be environmentally conscious and as such we offer our specially designed Eco Boards. A large part of sustainable design is repurposing and reusing. The use of recycled content of boards can minimize the amount of new resources consumed and divert material from entering the waste stream which ultimately goes into landfills. Previously used boards can be reused. Reusing boards also requires much less energy. 

Pallet Racking Bristol

Pallet racking is used for the storage of palletised items and is made up of frames ( Uprights ) and beams ( horizontal bars ) to allow multiple levels of stock to be stored.

Further detail: Pallet rack is a storage aid system designed to store equipment on pallets which are also known as skids. There are many different types of pallet racking, all of them however involve the storage of palletized materials in rows going over multiple levels.

When it comes to lifting the pallets from the pallet racks a forklift truck is often used.Pallet racks have been used since world war two and have since become the most important part of most warehouses world-wide and in the UK. Most manufacturing facilities, retail units and even garages often require pallet racking systems.

More About New & Used Pallet Racking From Mr Pallet Racking

There is no question that used pallet racking is an extremely important element in the transportation of goods, whether perishable foodstuffs or boxes full of man-made- objects shipped all the way from China. In warehouses today there is a fundamental need for used pallet racking where the forklift truck is the main means of transport for full pallets. To be able to organise and run a warehouse smoothly and efficiently these days, everything needs to be carefully organised on pallet racks where a forklift truck can have easy access. Without used pallet racks, this whole system would come to a standstill, so it is worth understanding the full merits of what may seem a very simple set-up.

Of course if you have a warehouse, and at a time when being economical with costs is imperative, finding a reliable supplier of used pallet racking can be a godsend. Mr Pallet Racking is just such a business which, through the nature of the haulage industry, is able to provide used pallet racking for businesses throughout the UK, and at very competitive prices.

Used pallet racking can be set up to suit a very small industrial unit used perhaps by a specialist supplier of unique products. On the other side of the coin, major supermarket distribution warehouses which cover an area bigger than four football pitches have used pallet racking that, if laid end to end, would probably stretch half way across the country. Of course like all great ideasin life, there are more than one make of used pallet racking, but for an enterprise as large as Mr Pallet Racking, that is no problem, being a regular stockist of used pallet racking from  Sperrin, Schaefer, Stow, KS Premier, Stakapal, Provost and  Symo. To learn more about used pallet racking, please visit Mr Pallet Racking.

Used Pallet Racking Bristol

Mr Pallet Racking is based in Bristol & our used and pre-loved ranges of pallet racking, pallet racking accessories and shelving systems and also includes all the major manufactures you would expect us to stock including: 

  • Apex pallet racking
  • Dexion pallet racking
  • KS Hilo pallet racking
  • Link 51 pallet racking
  • Polypal pallet racking
  • PSS pallet racking 
  • Longspan and Cantilever racking

  • Sperrin pallet racking
  • Schaefer pallet racking
  • Stow pallet racking
  • KS Premier pallet racking
  • Stakapal pallet racking
  • Provost pallet racking
  • Symo pallet racking

Pallet Racking Bristol